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12 oz Fuel Additive

AUTO/TRUCK Formula is the most complete diesel fuel additive on the market today. It is a highly concentrated formula that provides excellent antigel protection in the coldest winter temperatures. It also totally removes water to prevent fuel ice up in the winter and guards against bacterial growth and injector damage year round. AUTO/TRUCK Formula increases fuel cetane, cleans injectors, stabilizes fuel, improves fuel lubricity and increases mileage. This product is the result of extensive R&D and the latest advancements in diesel fuel additive technology. It contains no harmful alcohols and protects your engine, gaskets, seals, injectors and o rings from damage
Dispensing TypePour
Removes WaterYes
Carburetor Or Fuel InjectionFuel Injection
Container TypePlastic Container
Eliminates Frozen Fuel LinesNo
BrandFPPF Chemical Company
Part Number00391
Line CodeFPP
TerminologyFuel Additive
Size12 oz
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